A Peoples' History of Utah. Utah's Indians in the 1800's. Indian tribal boundaries in Utah.


The history of -- Indian tribal boundaries in Utah -- is summarized in this media item extracted from the 20-part video series A PEOPLES' HISTORY OF UTAH, written and hosted by Dean L. May, PhD (University of Utah). The series provides a sweeping view of Utah's past, from its earliest known desert beginning--from its prehistory, to the pioneer era, to the transformation from territory to state, to its critical role in the world war years and beyond.


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A Peoples' History of Utah

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Native American tribes; Shoshone Indians; Gosiute Indians; Ute Indians; Southern Paiute Indians; Navajo Indians; Paiutes; Paiute Indians; Utes; Ute Indians; Nuciu; Navajos; Navajo Indians; Gosiutes; Gosiute Indians; Kusiutta; Shoshone Indians; Shoshoni Indians; Native Americans; American Indians;

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